“These Doll’s Are Not For Playing With”

MPH Global Health student Madeline Tomlinson on child protection in Croatia.

Hrvatska Public Health

Dolls that you can’t play with?! Probably one of the last things a child wants to hear. However, using dolls to conduct forensic interviews with abused and neglected children is an important part of the work done at the Policlinic for Child Protection. The dolls give a voice to children who may not fully understand the anatomy of the human body or be able to verbally communicate what happened to them. With the information from these interviews, the psychologists, psychiatrists and legal teams can more easily decipher the truth (or not) and provide the necessary help for the child. Over the past week, I spent 3 days becoming acquainted with this process along with the other services the policlinic offers. From sexual abuse cases to neglect to bullying in school to behavioural problems, I watched videos, read case studies and sat in on minor appointments to gain an insight into…

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~Week Three and Four~

MPH Global Health student Madeline Tomlinson on her practicum experiences in Croatia.

Hrvatska Public Health

(Sorry for the long post! My wifi is still spotty here so I didn’t see my updates hadn’t all gone through).

The past month in Zagreb has flown by. It only took a week or two for the old buildings, tasty sausage and fruit markets to feel like home. I also managed to get to the coast for a weekend to see the true beauty of the adriatic coast which was wonderful. Unfortunately, it ended in a visit to the ER with my friend having an allergic reaction to a nut….unexpected work experience at 2am. He survived and we were both very pleased when the medical bill came to just $16, rather than the usual US rate! These past few weeks at work have been a whirlwind of experiences meeting different health professionals in different settings. Over the past couple of weeks, aside from my research and spending time with…

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